Ceo Greeting

Thank you so much for visiting Peach Valley’s homepage.

Established in 2000 as one of MediaWill Group’s subsidiaries, Peach Valley is a trusted comprehensive distribution company in Korea
that has a partnership with global IT device and paper manufacturers.
Peach Valley has played a key role in helping their successful business launching and strengthening market presence in Korea
over the past 15 years, and we also have been able to continuously grow our businesses through aggressive business diversification.

Peach Valley’s core competencies behind our success in the new challenges lie in three things: Strong Sales Network, Efficient Logistics,
Stable Funding and Financial Health. Among them, strong sales network is the main reason why many vendors have a good feeling toward Peach Valley.
Specifically, we had started Apple retail business in 2011 with brand name of “willy’s”, and became the biggest Apple reseller of Korea
in 2014 by taking over 23 stores run by SK Networks. Peach Valley fully utilizes nationwide 27 willy’s stores not only to promote
our vendors’ products, but also to increase their sales, which is a distinctive supporting plan that ‘ONLY’ Peach Valley can provide to Vendors.

As competition among Korean distribution markets is getting ever fiercer, strong partnership between vendor (distributor) and distributor (channels) is getting more important and more urgent. Peach Valley has core values all the employees share with; they are ‘Devotion,
Respect and Dream.’ With those values in mind, we’re doing the hardest to be a healthy, reliable business partner and to create a value for our vendors and channels. And, we believe that such efforts would lead ‘Peach Valley’ to a ‘Happy Valley’ growing together with our vendors and channels. Thank you

Peach Valley Corp. CEO Jung, Jea yoon